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This instance is one of a few changes I am making in my online space. Like many I am concerned about the reach that the BIG players have and really do not know to what extent my data is been used for.

Whilst most of us really don't have control over this, what I wanted to do was take back control of what I can, therefore feeling that my information belonged only to myself and those I choose to share it with.

To that extent, I am using Mastodon as my fb replacement - a space where I am sharing with a known audience, a space where I am sharing information freely, a space where information stays in my possession. I am moving my email to a Privacy aware provider and over time will replace my Gmail addresses as they are used - a bit like moving house, I have a forwarder in place so that I continue to receive mail sent to those gmail adresses. I am looking at moving my photos from Flickr to a self-hosted solution using PixelFed.

I have a new website that brings together my former sites at Wilderness Canoe and Wildcanoe Photography + Blog.

Over the coming months and most likely just into the new year I shall open up these new spaces to those who wish to keep in touch, follow, participate in my online life. I hope folks will do, but I also expect some not to.

I very rarely ask for anything, particularly money. I would however like to say that all of the above takes time to administer, to set-up and does have some personal cost associated with it. Donating through the Librepay link below can be any amount you wish - it will all be appreciated. You could donate for the servers etc or you could donate to keep me in a supply of Photographic Film or Developing materials; Donate over the year and take a canoe trip with me in return even...

💰 Donations

Here is what I have to pay:

  • Domain name: £2.50 - £10/yr - 2018/19 x4, 2019/20 x 3
  • Mastodon Server: £5/mth
  • Amazon AWS Server/Storage/CDN etc 2018/19 £2, 2019/20: £7/mth
  • 5 pack Colour Film: £25 - 45
  • 5 pack B&W Film: £20 - 40
  • Develop One Colour Film: £8 or Chemicals for 12 films £35
  • Chemicals to self develop B&W Film: £30/12 films
  • Packet Veg seed: upto £3
  • Fruit Tree: £20 - £30

Don't forget to toot me @matt if you made a donation.

Donation methods:

Thank you, and happy tooting!