Wilderness Canoe are looking for a max of 3 persons to share in this trip to the Far North. We will be travelling a major river system finishing in Ungava Bay.

Individuals interested in joining this trip will need prior Tripping Experience either with us or through a verifiable means.

This is a remote trip that needs good personal camping skills, WW to Class 3 with loaded canoes experience and the attitude to excel in a tough environment.

Cost ~ £5250.00 not including UK - Canada flight.

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Looking ahead here a little bit. Maybe 2021, 2022.

I am doing some preliminary research into an extended trip in Northern Quebec or Labrador.

In the region of 20 - 35 days, 600- 800km in length.

If this is of interest, lease let me know and I will keep you abreast of progress etc.

Temagami has a rich history stretching back around 5000+ yrs.

Indiginous peoples have travelled its waters & crossed its portges throughout this time; latterly Prospectors, trappers, miners, loggers & cartographers have passed this way.

Today, recreational canoeists use these same routes to cross the region.

Our 2020 route takes in well known parts like Wolf Lake, but will also pass through minimally used areas and with luck we shall also reopen a Nastagwan route.

We're now planning in earnest the 2020 trips.

Clients are booked onto two trips: the Spanish River and SW Temagami. This is a double trip for these clients.

Both trips are between 7 and 9 days in duration.

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