Looking ahead here a little bit. Maybe 2021, 2022.

I am doing some preliminary research into an extended trip in Northern Quebec or Labrador.

In the region of 20 - 35 days, 600- 800km in length.

If this is of interest, lease let me know and I will keep you abreast of progress etc.


Wilderness Canoe are looking for a max of 3 persons to share in this trip to the Far North. We will be travelling a major river system finishing in Ungava Bay.

Individuals interested in joining this trip will need prior Tripping Experience either with us or through a verifiable means.

This is a remote trip that needs good personal camping skills, WW to Class 3 with loaded canoes experience and the attitude to excel in a tough environment.

Cost ~ £5250.00 not including UK - Canada flight.

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