A bright, blue sky day with sunshine and snow capped mountains in view, a few clouds early on.

I had a wander with the Nikkormat + 50mm f/2 and a roll of Kodak Double-XX 5222.

I started to document some of the stuff that is lying around - rubbish, flotsam, detrius etc. It is a kind of opposite view to the otherwise 'Wilderness' area I live in. Do people see both sides I wonder or are they totally absorbed in the 'view'..?


Photographically I shot the roll rated at 640 asa & developed 5+5 in Bellini Duostep (Diafine).


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I think this shoot will turn into a slightly bigger project.

The juxtaposition of detritus and wilderness - Can a community truly extol the virtues of being Green when it so blatently acrues such left-overs..?

Camera/Lens: Nikkormat FTn / Nikkor 50mm f/2 (+ Red Filter)
Film: Kodak Double XX 5222 @ 640asa
Developer: Bellini DuoStep (Diafine) 5+5
Scan/PP: Canoscan 9000Fii / GIMP 2.10 (Curves, HighPass, Scale)

More to be seen here:

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@matt Great shots - love them - especially the track and cog. Anyway, I get the point, though isn't 90% of that stuff recyclable still - in material terms if not practical ones? 🎞️ 📷 👍 😎

@itdm5j21 - some of it is, some of it hasn't moved since we've been here - 6+ yrs. And a lot of it is general crap lying about the place, that in its 'manifesto' calls itself the Last Wilderness, a bastion of Greeness, shouts loud about its environmental credentials - YET, quite happily will bury rubbish on the shore line without thinking that the next big tide/storm surge will expose it again.

The place is a bit of a shit heap, lots of corners with stuff left to rot in plain view...!

😠 😔

@itdm5j21 - What I want to show is that amongst the wide vistas, snow-capped peaks, roaming Stags, seaweed, Otters etc is another story. Not a story hidden away, but actually in plain view.

I'd like to know is whether to the visitor this is visible or has an impact on their time in this 'pristine' wilderness as it's sold to them...!

There are other aspects that I know detract from the experience for visitors, but this is one that has irked me for a while but not really considered more deeply.

@matt Well, I'm not going to be able to comment from first hand experience for a while, unfortunately - though for me these artifacts do add something. I'm not saying character here. They are a kind of human record that the place is inhabited and is the way it is because of people's endeavours. Co-existing with nature.

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