Playing with some ideas and thoughts around building a 6x17 pinhole camera to use with 120 B&W film.

Trying to decide on either a curved film-plane or a flat film-plane.... One is more difficult to design than the other....

It may all go nowhere, it may go somewhere. Look to the future, and wait to see....


Today, in a lull during the stormy weather I managed four exposures in the 'new' pinhole camera.

Camera / Lens: Zero-Image MAT F / 0.4mm f/107
Film: Ilford FP4+ @ 125asa 120 format
Exposure: a) 40 sec's b) 25 sec's
Dev: Adox Adonal (Rodinol var) 1:25, 20 deg's, 9 min's
Scan/PP: Canoscan 9000Fii / GIMP 2.10 (crop, curves, high-pass, scale, border)

a) Inverie village, Knoydart, Scotland
b) West beyond the pier, Knoydart, Scotland


@matt I'm stunned they are incredible images. Vignetting is great too/well I like the effect at least and I have to work to get that on my images in RT/GIMP. 🎞📷👍😎

@Ian - didn't need to work on the vignetting here - it just happened 😉

I've cropped out the sides of these, so they are more like 6x9 than 6x12.

I do like the West beyond the pier shot though. Good light, good texture...

@matt I like them both anx all your own work too. Every cloud has a silver lining - on this occasion. 👍

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