The last roll of Lomo800 trying some Long Exposure images.

Sunset & Moonrise in the <15 sec exposure
Star Trails were at 45 mins and 75 mins, I tried an over night shot at 4.5 hrs - it came out but was heavily fogged by condensation that had formed on the lens in the sub-zero temps overnight.

Camera/Lens: Mamyia RZ67 / 127mm Sekkor Z f/3.5
Film: Lomography 800@400
Dev: Bellini C41 kit, 3.5 mins
Scan/PP: Canoscan 9000Fii / GIMP 2.10 (curves, crop, Border, dust spotting)

@Photorat - yes. The first time was a bit intense, but now I am on roll 7, so have a little more experience.... 😆

Not sure if you can get the Bellini C41 Kit in the USA, but it is very easy to manage. One kit will give upto 16 films. It makes it so much cheaper for me here in the UK.

@matt I think there are at least two color development kits on the market. I shouldn't have trouble when/if I'm finally ready to try it.

@Photorat - the only amendment I need to do is in finding a better way of maintaining the 38 deg's required for Dev.

Our tap water is straight off the mountain, so enters the system really cold, I need to boil the kettle, a few times, to get it close to the 38 required.

@matt That's the big problem with color. You could try putting the tank in a water bath when you aren't agitating it. Those sous vide heaters are all the rage these days.

@Photorat - I use a water bath. The dev times are quite short really 3 to 3.5 mins for <10films 4 min after 10 films. Getting he chemistry upto temp is the hard part. I've seen the sous vide gadgets - it's a possibility.

The best part about C41 is that I can dev multiple speeds/makes of film at the same time - it's all the same.

I'm almost tempted to start using some XP2 or the Fuji CN films so that I can dev both colour and B&W all the same.

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