I've just developed my first two 120 colour films with the Bellini C41 kit.

Water a little on the cool side at 32 deg, I had to top this up to 38 deg with water from the kettle.

Its a five stage process thats pretty intensive as you're doing it. Pre-Wash, Dev, Bleach, Fix, & Stabilise.

I have three more films to develop today. First two are hanging to dry and there are images, even looks like colour film should look. Once they're dry I'll scan & really see 😉

What do you scan your 120 with? I looked for a Pana-Vue Pana-Scan 120 - as the 35mmm scanner I'm using seems to do a reasonable job for little cost - though they seem not to be available in UK, even for £200. Likewise nor Nikon/Cosina's FM10 SLR!

@itdm5j21 - I use the same Canoscan 9000Fii. It has holders for both 120 and 35mm.

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