After all that talk about analog photography, here are a couple of photos I took recently.
All of them are on Ilford FP5+ ISO400.

These two are from the Ruhrgebiet.

@Jondor, @itdm5j21, the first one is the picture, where I think I'd have gained something by doing a bracket. Maybe a darker version with more sky would have been better...

@Mopsi @itdm5j21 I think that's one of the advantages of digital, that it's easy to take the best out of a number of brackets. Personally I don't like the extreme HDR, but a little to get some detail in the sky when photographing agains the light..
Regretfully it's a little less easy (I think) with scanned negatives... So it's searching for the optimal exposure..


@Jondor @Mopsi @itdm5j21 - an exercise for digital shooters:

Replace your 64GB SD card with a older 4 - 16MB card and shoot as if you were using film with limited exposures...

@matt @Mopsi @itdm5j21
Funny Peter McKinnon had exactly the same suggestion today as an way to get out of an photographic Rut:

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