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That's all the potato's in.

5x 50l buckets - inside the greenhouse for now.
1x raised bed in the greenhouse
1x raised bed outside and under fleece.

+ 26 more bags of compost moved into the store.

Bit more snow on the hills last night, although it's meant to warm up some over the weekend.

Pear and Plum trees are now in bloom too.

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Compost finally delivered today. I can now get on with planting the seed potato's which are going crazy in the dark of the pantry...! 🥔 🥔 🥔 🥔 🥔

As I was chatting to Tiree, he was doing all the work unloading the compost... we stumbled onto photography - turns out he is also a Film shooter and he too lives here in Knoydart 📷

When the madness dies down somewhat, he'll be over to talk photography. Hoping in the meantime he drops his films off with me for developing.

Fresh snow on the hills, even a bit down to sea-level for a short while earlier this afternoon.

Also just realised that not only are we restricted in movement, but for some like those here in Knoydart or living on the islands we are further restricted by ferry services ie we can either leave or return, but not both on the same day...! In our case for Knoydart we are under this restriction until the end of May.

Version 2 of my App is coming along.

I'd say 95% of the UI is there, I find I make the odd tweak as I go along.

Moved database from SQLite3 to PouchDb - so sql to JSON...

My javascript knowledge is improving, basic, but better than it was a week or so ago.

I can Create, Read, Update and Delete docs. Just need to scaffold that out for each entry type now.

Then, I'd like to try & use D3.js to create some nice charts of the data as an overview.

Coal Tit exploring one of the boxes today. In and out a couple of times, probably checking out the suitability for 'self-isolation'..!

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Two bird nesting boxes made this morning.

Once again utilising various off-cuts of scrap wood and a few screws.

Hoping that between the two designs they might attract either Robin, Wren, BlueTit, Great Tit, Coal Tit etc.

This RSPB link is a good place to start if you're wanting to build your own:

Quite Spring like currently... Temp in greenhouse was 28 deg yesterday & even without much sun today, it's at 22.

Ive made 2 platforms for taking the seed trays. One suspended under the grow lamps & the 2nd is fixed, shelf like on the back wall of the greenhouse. I have some space for more if req'.

Compost is in Mallaig, & should be here early next week. Means I can get the seed Potato's in & sow early seeds of other veg/salad crops, Tom's particularly

One of the things I've been using to take my mind elsewhere the last week or more has been to code an App.

Using HTML, CSS & JS wrapped up in an Electron wrapper, with a SQLite3 data store.

Basic, very basic... View, Add & Delete records currently.

The App is a way of recording: Camera Roll with supporting DB tables - Camera, Film & Developer used.

At the moment I am able to package it for Windows, if I work out how to do it for Linux & Mac I will share the App with anyone interested.

Down, but not out.....!

Taking some time-out for a few days, needed to create some personal space.

Made a trip to a smaller town down in Lancashire today on the pretext of going to the bank to make a couple of transactions.

Found a small camera shop as I wandered with my coffee - only one Nikon lens unfortunately - a 28mm auto-focus - not what I was looking for. But I did come away with a 16x20 LPL easel for the darkroom at a steal of £15.00 - in very useable condition.

Two new mini-zine publications for download:

#6 - Glimpse of Glasgow
#7 - Glencoe and Falls of Falloch

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On a recent drive south I managed to fit in a few stops for photography en-route.

Glencoe with some opportune light.
A return to the Falls of Falloch.
An intentional but unusual stop in Glasgow.

The reason for being in Glasgow was to see my image on display at the Glasgow Gallery of Photography. I also managed a visit to the gallery for an exhibit of Oscar Marzaroli images.



Roll of Ilford HP5+ developed in Bellini Diafine 4+4.

Mixed shots of Glencoe, Falls of Falloch and Glasgow taken on my trip south last Thursday.

Negatives hanging to dry....


Seriously GRIM today.... 🌧️ 🌬️ 🌧️ 🌬️ 🌧️ 🌬️ 🌧️ 🌬️

I think this shoot will turn into a slightly bigger project.

The juxtaposition of detritus and wilderness - Can a community truly extol the virtues of being Green when it so blatently acrues such left-overs..?

Camera/Lens: Nikkormat FTn / Nikkor 50mm f/2 (+ Red Filter)
Film: Kodak Double XX 5222 @ 640asa
Developer: Bellini DuoStep (Diafine) 5+5
Scan/PP: Canoscan 9000Fii / GIMP 2.10 (Curves, HighPass, Scale)

More to be seen here:

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Photographically I shot the roll rated at 640 asa & developed 5+5 in Bellini Duostep (Diafine).


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A bright, blue sky day with sunshine and snow capped mountains in view, a few clouds early on.

I had a wander with the Nikkormat + 50mm f/2 and a roll of Kodak Double-XX 5222.

I started to document some of the stuff that is lying around - rubbish, flotsam, detrius etc. It is a kind of opposite view to the otherwise 'Wilderness' area I live in. Do people see both sides I wonder or are they totally absorbed in the 'view'..?


So, here are 3 of 4 images. The 4th one was too blurry...!

Camera/Lens: Zero-Images MAT F2 / 45mm f/107
Film: Ilford FP4+ @ 125asa
Dev: Adonal 1:25, 20 deg's, 9 min's
Scan/PP: Canoscan 9000Fii/GIMP 2.10

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In the 1st trial yesterday, I found I had set the 'pinhole' too far into the body of the camera & it was cropping out the sides of the frames.

Today, I removed the shutter & re-mounted the pinhole in some thinner card stock & ran a 2nd roll of FP4+ through.

I have the full 6cm x 12cm frames now on the negatives - just gotta keep my finger out of the shot & improve the holding to reduce camera shake. In that dept' I have some 1/4" inserts coming that means I will be able to mount to a tripod.

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