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Fancy donating to my LiberaPay account..?

In return I will give you exclusive access to:

Limited Edition Darkroom prints - Handprinted Silver Gelatin 7" x 5" or 12" x 9.5" prints (unmounted).

Access to early editions of bi-yearly Zines comprising digital reproductions of Film based images throughout each half-year.

Access to VIP Canoe Adventures here in Scotland.

Windows done, Door framed and hung. Power set up, just need to connect to the RCD in the shed.

Next dry day I will finish the edges and put on the last piece of trim, then it'll be completely complete..!

A recent youtube conversation with a fellow canoeist from Canada led to me sharing the account of my 2017 trip to James Bay.

I just re-read the trip report, in full, over coffee this morning. On my sojourn from Canadian exploits this Spring/Summer it brought back some epic memories and the fact that I am missing the North Country.

All walls and roof complete. Bit of tidying up and some trim + Door and Windows to fit.

A functioning Greenhouse 😃 .

Putting the poly cover on the greenhouse. In between downpours, almost there...!

I need to wear my Bug-Jacket ( though, literally clouds of small bite y things flying around..! 😉

Shall probably finish the door and windows another day.

Dinner next, then put the last roof section on tonight.

Thinking of keeping Bee's.

Mostly as a conservation reason, but also for some Honey production.

Found a great resource for Natural Beekeeping ( The Top Bar Hive method sounds simple and appropriate.

The guy - Phil Chandler hopes to come up to Glenuig, Ardnamurchan in Sept to run a workshop. This is pretty much on my doorstep.

Any thoughts from UK or further afield folks..?

Just found 'Ragged Robin' growing in the plot too.

Tadpole Convention

Date: Today @ 15:00
Location: The Pond
Availability: > 2000..!

I've not been here in Knoydart at this time of year for a few years, so have never noticed this plant before. It may be that it is the first year it has flowered..?

Northern Marsh Orchid - Dactylorhiza purpurella.

Anyway, I nearly ran it over with the mower today...

Lot's of dragonfly larvae in the pond hunting tadpoles...

Sweetcorn and Squash planted out.

Small footbridge built so my mum can access the pond side more easily.

Gooseberries, on one of the new plants, swelling.

Siberian Purslane holding its own in the Dell.

Lots of Bee activity around the Comfrey.

Malva moschata plants now in the ground. These arrived as small plug plants, which I then grew on for a few weeks in 9cm pots.

Tomatoes doing well in their new home.

Finished off a roll of Kodak Vision D 50 colour film in the Minolta XD5.


Other happenings today(last few days):

Cleared some ground ready for the Sweetcorn and Squash plants to go in to. It gets the sun, is sheltered down by the school wall on the edge of the Dell.

Planted out: Babbington Leeks; Climbing French Beans.

'Tomato House' now has a shelf for seed germination etc.

New sowings of veg/salad stuff for successional crops.

Granite Sets laid in Greenhouse doorway.

Borage and Calendula about to flower.

Apples forming on older trees.


I'm selling prints of my entry to Analog Forever - March Group Exhibition.

x 20 Hand printed images to order.
Each print will be in its own way unique due to the foibles of the darkroom process.

More details and purchase option here:

Any Q's please ask.

@longhouselife - is my new Mastodon address.

Blog can be found at its old address:

Photos will be found at:

Over the next couple of days I will be working out the process of moving my current posts from blog - blog.

Setting up SnapAs for my photography use.

Deleting the AWS server.

Displaying the new address for Federation of the blog to Mastodon.


I'm moving.

I've not really got on with PixelFed & was hoping to open a Stand-Alone account with SnapAs - the creators of WriteFreely - same software I run my blog on top of. That was not to be though as development of SnapAs as a stand-alone product is now held up...

So. I have moved my self-hosted blog to a hosted version - using WriteAs. I gain access to SnapAs this way as a subscriber.

Cost work out slightly less than I am paying for my AWS server per month.


The 'Tomato House' survived last nights storms, thunder and lightening, giant hail (for us anyway) and torrential rain.

I must admit to getting up once to have a peek through the window, to make sure it was still attached to the shed..! 😉

Dodging midgies while I knocked together a 'Tomato-House' this afternoon.. 😃

I can just about squeeze in 3x grow-bags. The structure has taken over the location of my small cold-frame (which I'll move somewhere.!)

6ft high - Rear, 5ft at Front; 2ft deep. Mostly 2"x1". The last bit of polytunnel polythene as a cover.

Bonus..! Image of the structure of my new greenhouse - 4m x 3.5m x 2.4m. This is almost finished, bar covering with polythene.

My feeling is that most of the water ingress was through the aperture for the pinhole. This thin shim of brass sheet is taped on the inside of the camera.

I will re-tape this on the outside of the camera and see if that helps. Just have to wait another three months to see..!

Here is the scan anyway. I have used GIMP 2.10 to edit it - Invert Colours, Temp, Contrast to hopefully show the suns travel more clearly.

You can clearly see the trees, driveway and the fact that we do have sunshine here in the West of Scotland. Doesn't rain ALL the time 😉

March 7th - June 1st

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