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2nd test for light leaks in the Kodak Vest Pocket camera today. Respooled some 35mm into the 127 backing paper (not so easy..!) May have spooled it in backwards..! Not sure.?

No obvious light leaks. Next monday is 127 Day, so I'll be off somewhere with my last roll of 127 Rerapan400 loaded in the KVP. Let's see if I can get my horizons level..?

Rollei RPX400 EI400, f/11 ish, 1/50th ish.
Diafine 3.5+3.5.
Curves, contrast.

As an aside in the image you can quite clearly see the dreaded Ilford 'snow'.

An issue that in other channels I hear is affecting not just fP4+ but other ilford stocks and quite randomly also....

I have just bought fresh 120 film - but all from Rollei and doubt I will get anything from Ilford in the near future 😞

Between the lens and the bellows - also now sorted. With some 1mm camera lightseal foam I had.

Frame spacing should be 1,3,5,7,9,11,13,15 for respooled 120.

FP4+ EI125, f/11 ish, 1/50th ish.
Diafine 4+4.
Curves, contrast, crop in post


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FP4+ at an EI 125 is a bit slow for this camera at this time of year on a day like today..!

Overcast, but bright. One shutter speed other than T mode - 1/50th. Four apertures of unknown size - most likely between f/11 and f/32 though.

I shot at all apertures, hand held. Using the numbers as they appeared in the red window. Turns out that is for 4x4 and not for 4x6 as per the KVP. Not that it mattered.

Most of the pinholes were sorted, found a bigger leak though.


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Last night I finally set too and attempted to fix all the pinholes in my Kodak Vest Pocket camera (C.1915).

More hilariously, I used the Camerhack 120 to 127 film slitter and respooler for the first time after buying over a year ago... Not helped that the item has been upgraded and the destructions didn't quite match. Soon worked it out. But not without sacrificing a roll of the 'duff' FP4+.

Those remaining 2x rolls of FP4+ were good candidates for the task.

Today I exposed and dev'd.


Big(ish) day in the mountains today. Left the house in the dark at 0445.

4500ft of ascent - basically from sea level back to sea level - max height 1020m absl.

Long views, sunshine mostly, some cloud though, remaining old snow on the highest summits, breezy, cold in the wind, reasonable out of it.

1x roll of 135 RPX400 in the Minox ML & 6x sheets of 4x5 for the Intrepid MkIV. 1st test of the Intrepid in the field.

Lots of breakfast stops, one lunch stop and an afternoon tea stop.

Many thanks to folks for commenting, liking etc on the increasingly less omnipresent postings.

@Photorat @Karneol @Rural_Canadian

One from the archives.

Red Pine.
Evelyn Lake, Temagami, ON, Canada. 2018.

Yashica MAT124G.
Kodak Ektar 100.

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I visited Badlands National Park in 2014. I had an overwhelming emotional reaction. I was awestruck by the stark, alien beauty. But as I stayed there over the next four days, the feelings of sorrow grew louder and stronger.

Sometimes I try to understand those perplexing emotions. Sometimes I try this via #art.

I think I have finally captured the emotion and the understanding in this piece.

(BTW, the text in the background is my great grandfather's Homesteading deed.)

#MastoArt #photography

Trying out as a place from which to sell my images.

Please take a look, even better make a purchase, help support my Analogue Photography. 😃

Camera/Lens: Intrepid MkIV + Fujinon 180/5.6

Film: Fomapan 100 4x5

Exp: f/45.3 - 6 sec's
+ 2 stop ND Filter - 18 sec's
+ Orange Filter (1.5 stops) - 43 sec's
+ Reciprocity Failure adjustment - 90 sec's Total.

Dev: Foma Excel, 6 min's, 20 deg's

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