Barring the soil and seed sowing, the roof is complete on the new Compost Area now.

I also have the steel bracing wire fitted on the long side. This is a 3mm galvanised wire held at each end with either a closed eye plate or a hook plate. At the hook end is a turnbuckle for tensioning.

I'll do the same across one of the ends. In all the wire will stop/reduce any twisting of the structure.

Next up is to reconfigure the position of compost bins and recycle bins.

I should say this camera is small - 10mm x 60mm x 110mm or in old english money 1/2" x 2 1/4" x 4 1/4"

Other news today.

I'll get back the Kodak folder I bought 3 weeks ago. The shutter was not firing on either of its two speeds (1/30th & T) so I sent it back for replacement/repair ( a shop run by an enthusiast in Plymouth, UK).

Notification of its posting back to me today.

So, this is a 1924 - 26 era Kodak Vest Pocket Model B that uses 127 film. I have 2x Rerapan 400 films awaiting to try...

If all goes well, I have a small project up my sleeve...

Been to the big smoke today (afternoon mostly)... Needed a few things to better organise myself for the C41 process.

Cloudy here on the coast, quite bright inland with lots of snow on the mountains, summits cloud free, & in Glenfinnan a magnificent frost coating the trees & landscape. Glenfinnan is in a frost pocket as it always seems to keep either frost/snow later than the surrounding area.

I had with me the Minox ML loaded with N&T FT-12 a sloooow 50asa B&W film.

Along with the seemingly standard Rollei RPX400 I have a slew of random film stocks now to try:

35mm N&T FT-12, 50 asa
120 Washi S, 50 asa
35mm BCG P-400, 400 asa
35mm Kodak Double-XX 5222, 250 asa

and today I received email from FPP about a film from Eastern Europe: Svema Super Positive Film with an asa of 0.8 (yes, that's correct) 😉 I'll keep a link to this and get my sister to bring me some back early in 2020 when she heads to her place in the USA (Cheaper for me to have it posted there...)

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Couple of 'in-progress' shots of the compost/recycling area I'm building.

Eventually it will have a Green Roof and partially boarded in sides.

Am I a Photographer..!?

I take Photographs, I Print Photographs, I enjoy Photographs, I've even Sold a Photograph and had a Photograph Published.

But, I don't think of myself as a Photographer, yet... 😄

@itdm5j21 - sometimes it can take 48 hours or so.

I keep having a look also to see whether it is resolving.

Might be worth checking with 123.reg also...

Roofing Square arrived in yesterdays post, although I didn't find it in the box until end of today...

This means that I can begin to mark out the Common Rafters for the Composting/Recycling area.

Once these are cut & in place I can board them and begin to construct the parts that will hold the Green Roof material. Although I won't now sow this until the Spring.

A while back I helped out a friend with one of his Guided Fly-Fishing trips he runs on the Isle of Rum. I was mostly a 'sherpa' for his clients...

I had along with me the Leica 111c + Summitar 5cm f/2 loaded with Rollei RPX400.

PP: GIMP 2.10 - Curves, Toning, Dust removal and Border addition.

Here is a shot of him about to land a 3lb Wild Brown Trout.

Bellini C41 kit arrived today. Looking forward to using this, but also nervous of a new process..! 😨

Also, in the same delivery 4x rolls of FT-12. I have a roll already in the Minox - rated at its box speed of 50 asa.

Four corner posts now in 😃 I have the 2nd long cross beam in place but not yet fixed. This will act as the main ridge member that the roof joists fix to. The joists will span across to the opposite side where they will be 'birds-mouthed' onto the top of that cross-beam.

Decided to go with wire bracing for the long walls and the roof. 3mm 7/7 wire fixed with galvanised plates & tensioned with turnbuckles. With intermittent sheathing across three walls, hopefully it should stay upright..!

After the timber was delivered at the end of last week I've made a start on building the Green-Roofed Composting area.

Planned is a grand title, as most of the structure is in my head. I did have a rough sketch when I worked out the timber requirements, but the actual building of it is another story... 😆

Once its part way done I'll post an image or two. So far I only have two posts in with a mortised cross member between.

Think trad 'timber-frame' style to an extent.

I have a few new films on delivery.

From Nik&Trick, UK - FT-12 a High contrast film 50 asa, 35mm

From BCG, Netherlands - Washi - S again a High contrast stock, 50 asa, 120; and, BCG 400 - a german Cine film stock, 400 asa, 35mm.

Well, not so good...

Now that I remember or actually reminded by the negatives - I took these images in the dark to see how the film at 1600 would respond in contrast to those I took previously in daylight.

A bit under-exposed I think as the negs are pretty much clear apart from one image..! I can see the imprint of lights on some frames, but that is all.

So less a failure of development, but one of exposure and operator error 😉

Experimentation day:

Rodinal 1:100, 16 deg's 120 min's (the twist will be a refresh of developer at 60 mins)

I'm expecting deeper shadows particularly.

When I mix up the solution I have to mix 1l and then end up only using 300ml, so this is where my initial thinking is in making use of some of the remainder...

We'll see 😃

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