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@Ian - just received your package. It probably arrived yesterday, but it was too grim to wander down the drive to check the post-box πŸ˜†

I might get out today though, brighter, but a lot colder with fresh snow up higher.

Today I received a copy of a small Booklet/Zine by Tim Heubeck from WasteOfFilm -

Along with some postcards of images from the publication.

It's very nicely bound and presented with images that on the face are simple and straightforward, but when viewed in relation to the opening quotes display a story and continuation.

Well worth the money.

@Ian - I just ordered, last night - actually middle of night, 50 sheets 12" x 16" Ilford MG V RC.

I ummed & argh'd for a fair while whether to do this or not.

I think it is going to be much cheaper for me to produce darkroom B&W prints for the Cafe Exhibition than to inkjet print them. I will only inkjet print the colour images now.

Plan is to print 11" x 11" & frame in 16" x 16"..!

Same for all images, I might have to do some selective cropping if using the 35mm negs or the 6x7 negs.

Another grim day up north 🌧️ 🌬️ 🌧️ 🌬️ 🌧️ 🌬️ 🌧️ 🌬️ 🌧️ 🌬️

This might, just might have convinced me to shoot B&W rather than colour on my Canada trip this year.... πŸ€”

πŸ“· ⛰️ 🎞️

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Hi All,

-here is a free photo zine I've finished today. If you'd like to take look, that is....


#zine #freezine #itdm5j21 #fotoian #photician #urban

@Ian - I can send you more 5222 & RPX400 if you like..?

@Ian - How about the Agfa APX 400..?

It seems a film that will allow for some adaption in use. Seems to give good tonality, with little contrast at box speed & needs to be pushed to gain contrast & more defined tonal steps...

Links to various results:

My usage is slow at the moment, not going anywhere to shoot..! With some RPX400 left & a few rolls of other stock I can probably wait a couple of months. How about you?

I've just had an image accepted for display at The Glagow Gallery of Photography.

It will be displayed in an exhibition called 'Winter'.

If you're passing go take a look. Dates are 15th - 26th February.

Ive made a little zine - BCG P-400
Free to download.

You'll need to print it out on a single sheet of A4 paper, double sided.

Then use the diagram (attached) to help you fold it correctly for viewing πŸ˜ƒ

You can Download here:

+2 from the same roll.

Lighthouse and ferry - Corran Narrows, Loch Leven.

I let them dry overnight, and to give me time to sleep on the process..! I snipped the first 6 from the roll and scanned. My thought was that if they don't scan, they won't print...

I might be able to rescue a few πŸ˜„


Old Sheil Bridge, Acharacle
Minox ML
BCG P-400
D96 @ 21 deg, 6.5 mins

I developed my first roll of BCG P-400 last night. I could have developed it in Rodinal, and in hindsight, probably should have, but I didn't. I developed in D96 on the presumption that as this is a cinamatic stock not dissimilar to Kodak 5222.

I used the same timings.

Negatives are under developed. There are images, but particularly flat, very flat.


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Temagami has a rich history stretching back around 5000+ yrs.

Indiginous peoples have travelled its waters & crossed its portges throughout this time; latterly Prospectors, trappers, miners, loggers & cartographers have passed this way.

Today, recreational canoeists use these same routes to cross the region.

Our 2020 route takes in well known parts like Wolf Lake, but will also pass through minimally used areas and with luck we shall also reopen a Nastagwan route.

Can't seem to get enough of spagetti westerns at the moment.... 🀣

Particularly those by and with Terence Hill...

Not that I know much about this genre beyond the typical Clint Eastwood ones.

Well, we just lost the top 40 feet of a Douglas Fir. Snapped at around 40ft above the ground clean across the trunk, around 18" dia at that point.

More firewood, anyway...

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