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I'm selling prints of my entry to Analog Forever - March Group Exhibition.

x 20 Hand printed images to order.
Each print will be in its own way unique due to the foibles of the darkroom process.

More details and purchase option here:

Any Q's please ask.

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Fancy donating to my LiberaPay account..?

In return I will give you exclusive access to:

Limited Edition Darkroom prints - Handprinted Silver Gelatin 7" x 5" or 12" x 9.5" prints (unmounted).

Access to early editions of bi-yearly Zines comprising digital reproductions of Film based images throughout each half-year.

Access to VIP Canoe Adventures here in Scotland.

Here's one from outside the house taken this morning.

The Beech Tree

24 minute exposure

Three images taken on a short wander this afternoon.

Bright with 50:50 cloud:sun kind of day.
All taken with sun at my back.
Exposure times from One minute to Four minutes.

I still like the resulting images, just believe that the pinhole box can do better..!

Struggling to get consistent exposures with the Zero-Three...!

No more paper until I get the laser cut pinholes I think...

First image from the Zero-Three.

Slightly over exposed in the sky, but I am asking a lot from it on this contrasty light sort of day....

I have amended the f/stop setting after re-measuring it.

i've decided the project was worthy of a laser cut pinhole so purchased a 0.3mm and 0.5mm from at a modest cost.

ASA 3 Kentmere RC
9 mins 30 secs

Dev: Adox Neutol Eco @ 3mins
Scan/PP: Canoscan 9000Fii /GIMP 2.10

Zero-Three Pinhole Camera
5" x 7" format
85mm focal length

Black 5mm foam-core board.
Brass 0.3mm Pinhole.
Pivoting Shutter with neodymium magnetic catch.
Sight Lines on top and sides.
f/16 - f/219 conversion chart.

Future 'mod' Small wood board fixed to base with a 'T' nut mount for tripod.

Just received my new Pocket Knife - an Opinel no.6 with a handle made from olive wood.

Meanwhile, I spent most of the day outside in the sunshine.

Cauliflowers planted.
Potato Onions planted.

Strawberries weeded and mulched.

Meadow and Orchard grass cut.

Weed whacker cord re-ordered...

Remaining tree seed sown. This was at the end of a 3 month stratification period. Tilia cordata already sprouting in the bag..!

Sunday will be a day spent in the darkroom - I have prints to make and mail out.

New Pinhole box in the making.

I bought a 1m x 1m sheet of black 5mm foam-board for this project; along with glue and black masking tape.

The basic design is a box within a box.

The back box will take a sheet of 5" x 7" photo paper.

The front box slides in to the back, overlapping the paper 5mm all around.

In the front box will be the aperture with mounted 'Pinhole'. A pivoting 'Shutter' - held in place using a single brass bolt and some neodymium magnets.

Back in Knoydart - at least for the weekend anyway. Then on Monday I head north to Durness to pick up my friend who has been walking the Cape Wrath Trail.

Busy day here after catching the 0730 ferry back over.

Lettuce, Radish, French Beans, Broad Beans, Potatoes all planted.

Calendula and Borage planted.

New raised bed built and back filled.

Asparagus planted and mulched.

Carrots and Beetroot sown.

Nasturtium, Sweetcorn and Butternut Squash sown.

Then she did quite happily come up the mountain for the day... Put's in the effort on the hill and pulls out the stops when it got loose or steep and the places we had to use both feet and hands for ascent etc...

Took pics on her phone and took an interest in the rocks and views...


Refused to take any food or water for the day - 'I don't need any...' Then proceeded to eat and drink all mine later... Good job i put cheese in my sandwich... She doesn't do cheese in the same piece of bread as Peanutbutter - thankfully, For Me..!


Super day on the mountains.

Almost wall to wall sunshine, a cool wind when it was felt, but warm out of it and in the sun.

Remnants of snow on the summit, plenty of snow on the higher tops around Kintail and also on the Grey Corries, Ben Nevis etc.

A few folks about on our route, but not so you would notice really. met a nice family on the summit - Dad's 150 Munro and his 3 boys first.

34 years since I was last on the summit of Bla Bheinn..!

Booked on the first ferry over to Armadale on Skye in the morning. Unfortunately we'll have to take the 2.5 hour drive the long way around to get back to Mallaig - still we can stop on the way and find food somewhere. 😃

Forecast is still good with cold but clear high pressure, maybe the very odd chance of a wintery shower (more of that on Mon - Wed's with snow on the hills).

Loaded up with the Leica and 3 x 36 exp rolls of Rollei RPX400.

I spent a couple of hours in the Bakery this afternoon and an hour or so in the Pizzaria this eve.

Shot four rolls of Portra 400 at ASA1600 and a roll of FP4+ and a roll of 2006 dated Delta 400. I've got another roll of Portra left and a roll of FP4 left, so will find time in the week, weather permitting to do a staff shoot.

Hopefully I get some usable images 🤞

The colour rolls I will send off to AgPhotographic this next week to be processed, the B&W I will do once I'm back at home.


Oh How I wished I had a wider lens for the RZ67...

Shooting the Bakehouse and Pzzaria today/eve. It's located in Mallaig and owned by my friend Matt. Unfortunately he only has the dreaded FB, so here is a link to a review site:

I've been meaning to take some film images for almost a year, but because of the difficulties in getting over and back from home .... Anyway as I'm here in Mallaig all week, I thought I would put to use the 4 rolls of Kodak Portra 400 I had


Mamiya RZ67 + 5x Fp4+ and 4x Portra 400
Leica IIIc + 4x 36 Rollei RPX400

Camera's and film packed.

I begin my sentence tomorrow morning... 8 days of Teenager sitting.

The weekend looks like it will be bright and dry with temp's between 2 - 6 deg's. So I'm hoping I can drag the young'n over to the Isle of Skye and climb a mountain, a real mountain... She is quite adventurous, so it's a possible 😃

Something a bit different this morning...

A bit of 'gritty' Northern English town. Rough housing, brutalist additions, and the ubiquitous urban bird - the Pigeon..!

Camera/Lens: FED2e / 53mm f/2.8 Industar
Film: Fomapan 400 @ 800
Dev: Rodinal 1:50

Paper: Ilford MG IV Warmtone
Dev: Adox Neutol Eco

Pixelfed is annoying me....

I want to like the platform, I want to use the platform. But it seems to throw hurdles in my way...!

I'd like to use its Dark Mode but every page refresh resets to the Light Mode, I 'd like to think the UI is stable and user friendly, but then I find I cant write a supporting comment, so now have to resort to the older UI, but again on refresh I have to choose again...!

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