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Wild Strawberry patch is producing the goods. A nice handful of intense mini-strawberry sensation on my cereal this morning.

Also, the regular strawberry patch is producing quite well too, if we get to them before the birds and voles... Need to pick them at the almost ripe stage and finish off ripening indoors on the windowsill.

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Busy carrying soil material up and onto the new green roof of my compost area.

2 gal bucket at a time, so it's taking a while but the exercise is good πŸ˜‰ - 40 buckets down, around 20 to go...

I - just about - collected 75g of wild Rosa canina petals yesterday from the roses growing wild here.

From these I have made one 200ml jar of Rose Petal Jam.

Very nice colour. Very nice consistency, it set quite easily with some lemon juice used for pectin content.

Looking forward to trying this in due course, the little bit a tasted last night from the 'setting' test was very delicate, good sweetness, smelt of roses..!

Just found, as you do, while looking at areas to dump some of the spoil from the Reed Bed excavation a large (4+ m/sq) patch of Wild Strawberries growing. I've not seen these before, so more than pleased to find them on the plot.

I lifted my 'potato' onions a few days ago. These are a multiplying onion (bit like shallots) that produce a lot of small onions from one set.

I've kept around 10 sets for re-planting next spring and the remainder are now looking very nice in two jars as Pickled Onions... One or more months and we'll be able to enjoy these πŸ˜ƒ

I also have more Wych Elm, some Small Leaved Lime and LOTs of Crab Apple, and a handful of Cherry; a few Birch, Rowan, and one Juniper to plant - probably in the Spring of 2021.

Again, all these were from seed.

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1x Wych Elm and 11x Oak trees planted. All grown from seed here on the plot.


Found another wild orchid flowering in the garden as I was wandering the plot after this mornings thunder/lightening storms.

So many wild flowers appearing after I opened up some of the canopy this last winter.

Adox 8x10 Fibre Based paper arrived.

So, I'm looking forward to seeing how it produces in the DIY 5x4.

Ground is now broken... ⛏️

We have begun Reed Bed installation. Exploratory trench into the Infiltration area dug - ground is dry, good soil, lots of tree roots. This bodes well for take up of water from the system outlet.

The reed bed area itself is dry also down to the close to final depth of 600mm - mix of soil, clay & glacial till. This means it is easy to shape within the contours etc.

The area we shall be putting the septic tank into needs to be excavated to 1.5m - will not be an issue.

RIP - Climbing Peas had just reached the top of the supports (2m). Now they are no more. Chomped through at the base of the stems by the bl***y voles. All bar one, & I'm sure that'll be gone by tomorrow. 🐁 πŸ”«

I've sown another 30 seeds, if the good (for Scotland) weather keeps up for summer, I may get a crop yet, and if they don't get chomped again.

Not just the peas, also Sunflowers, Lupins, & French Beans.

They're not even eating the plants, just chomping through the stems and leaving...

We've had a long running feud with our neighbour over access to the Septic Tank which came to a head again this last few days. Let's just say lots of legal to and fro...!

Although we don't have to, we have decided to kick-start our move to an off-grid (entirely) property. Starting with the construction of Grey water Reed Beds and installation of a Dry Composting Toilet system.

All this, hence my quietness lately.

I should say this is not because of lazyness, just don't have the right tools for making flat bottom holes, or a chisel small enough either.

I rebuilt a boat and have done other construction projects on the plot, all quite well made in a DIY sense πŸ”¨ πŸ“ πŸ“

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Well, in all things DIY - with me - it's not quite glued in sq. Fortunately I have a ball head on the tripod, so can compensate quite readily πŸ˜‰ We shall see how long it lasts, before it works itself loose.

I've used up all the LC29 developer now, so shall be trying Rodinal as my Paper Negative developer, if all goes well, then I shall continue to use it.

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Slight amendment made to the 4x5 this eve.

Twice now I have had the tripod female thread pull out of the camera base = very small gluing surface.

I found that it fits into a 10mm thread dia hex nut. So I have now glued one of those into the base.

We'll have to see...

1950's Forest Tractor.

Camera/Lens: DIY 4x5, 186mm Achromat doublet
Medium: Fotospeed paper @ 6 ASA
Exp: 20 sec's @ f30
Dev: Ilford LC29, 90 sec's
Scan/PP: Canoscan 9000Fii / GIMP 2.10 (invert, crop, curves)

Forested Foxgloves.

A happy accident. Double Exposure of Larch trees above our house, plus a sea of Foxgloves in an area of 2018 clear-fell.

Camera/Lens: DIY 4x5, 186mm Achromat doublet
Medium: Fotospeed paper @ 6 ASA
Exp: 1 min + 14 sec's @ f30 and f/60
Dev: Ilford LC29, 90 sec's
Scan/PP: Canoscan 9000Fii / GIMP 2.10 (invert, crop, curves)

Both these images look good digitally printed @ 8x10 βœ”οΈ

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Millburn 1 & 2

Camera/Lens: DIY 4x5 Large Format / 186mm ACHROMATIC
Medium: Fotospeed RC Variable paper @ 3 ASA
Exp: 1) 30 sec's @ f/30
Exp: 2) 60 sec's @ f/60
Dev: Ilford LC29, 1: 19, 90 sec's
Scan/PP: Canoscan 9000Fii / GIMP 2.10 (Invert, Curves, Spotting, Scale, Border)

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