With every gust of wind the sky is filled with falling leaves from the Sycamore and Beech trees.

Another week at the boatyard done.

Last night we slipped two trawlers back into the water and slipped two more out ready to start work on them next week. A fun exercise when you have trawlers without engine power, weigh upwards of 75 tonnes and have to get them into the cradles completely level, chock them and haul them out.

A team of of workers with the 'boss' giving rather pointed instructions...

Myself + 1 working from a rowing boat to get the boat aligned and chocks into place.

Been 'off-grid' this last week...

1st off I was helping a friend for 3 days on his boat with a filming gig with Discovery Channel then the remainder of this last week I have been working at the boatyard in Mallaig prepping and painting two fishing trawlers. I'll be there again for the next week or two also.

In the meantime I am back in Knoydart to check on the veggies over the weekend and catch-up on life generally.

Camera/Lens: Mamiya C220 / 80mm f/2.8
Film: Kosmo Mono 100
Dev: Rodinal 1:25, 4 mins @ 20 degs, minimal agitation
Scan / PP: Canoscan 9000Fii / Gimp 2.10

Film developing day.

2x 120 Kosmo Mono 100 & 1x 35mm Kodak 5222 Double-X

The Kosmo I dev'd in Rodinal @ 1:25 & the Double-X in Bellini D-96.

I'm part way through scanning at the moment.

Pakwâci on the beach at Eilean Iarmain, Isle of Skye.


Heading to the Isle of Rum tomorrow (Sunday).

Crewing for a friend on his charter boat, then helping him Guide a Fly Fishing client to one of the mountain lochs.

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The Last Frame.

Camera: Leica IIIc
Lens: Leica Summitar 5cm f/2
Film: Kodak 5222 Double-XX @ 250ASA
Dev: Rodinal 1:25, 6 mins@20 degs. Minimal agitation.

Image: f/11, 1/200 sec

Scan: Canoscan 9000Fii
PP: GIMP 2.10 (Tone Curve, Crop)

All repairs now complete, looking like new again 😉

I also glued blocks to the foredeck to attach the anchor whilst underway; and today I broke out the sewing machine again and made a canvas storage bag to hold 50m of anchor warp + 2m chain. This is fastened just inside the cockpit by the fore compartments so its accessible.

Received 6x rolls of Kodak 5222 (Double-XX) on Friday plus a litre of Belini D96 Developer. This is the recommended developer for this film stock.

Looking forward to using both film and developer and comparing to the Double-XX images I dev'd in Rodinal.

I took Pakwâci out this afternoon for a couple of hours.

A better wind today to do some more strenuous sea trials. A steady 8 – 10 Kts, gusting 15 kts. I set off from the slip under 'Main' only and once out of the shelter of the pier quickly built speed heading almost due West. I had half an idea to sail out into the Sound of Sleat, but thought some more local trials would suffice...

More: m-thompson.co.uk/pakwaci-to-th

For the photophiles:

Pentax K5
Sigma 75-300 f/4 - f/5.6 @ 300mm
Auto everything today.. 😉

Handheld, Burst shooting.

PP - GIMP 2.10

Flowering Privet absolutely alive this morning in the sunshine, with Honey Bee's Bumble Bee's, Solitary Bee's, Hoverflies, and Butterflies.

The four Butterflies present were: Red Admiral, Painted Lady, Peacock, and Speckled-Wood Marcham.


1st produced in 1959 and still the same apart from an anti-halation layer added recently. Kodak 5222 XX is a Cinamagrahic film stock still used to make Hollywood movies on - 'James Bond , Casino Royal'..!


Added a few more images to this collection.

I quite like this film stock, shall have to get some more I think. The 2nd roll I developed at the same ratio as the 1st, but reduced the agitation to one gentle rotation per minute and the developing time down to 5.5 mins. This seems to have given me more control over this grainy traditional stock.


3km/h = No wind..! But, Launch Day it was, so I launched Pakwâci.

All went well. I didn't go far, a few hundred metres, a few 'tacks' and a gybe; then a bit of rowing to get back to the slip.

10x Hazel, 6x Oak planted out on the plot this afternoon. These were all grown from seed. Along with the Birch and Scot's Pine they will fill some of the space along the driveway.

I have around 20x Oak and 15x Hazel along with Lime, Crab Apple, Wych Elm to find space for in the woodland/Dell or around the plot.

Not doing so well, or delayed germination are Juniper, Rowan, more Birch, and Cherry Plum.

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